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Used Equipment

Sony DVW-500

Sony DVW-A500 Digital Betacam


• Superb Picture Quality

• High Quality Audio

• Betacam SP® Playback Capability

• Digital Jog Sound

• High Speed Picture Search

• Dynamic Tracking Playback

• Program Play

• Reliable Tape Transport

• Channel Condition Monitoring

• Digital record/playback time-Maximum 124 min. with BCT-D124L cassette

Apple Mac Mini (2 Available)


• 2.7GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i7

• 4GB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM- 2x2GB

• 500GB Serial ATA Driv *Configuration


Apple Mac Pro


• Dual 2.4GHz QC Intel Xeon *Two 2.40GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon “Westmere” processor

• 6GB (6X1GB)

• 1TB HD

• ATI HD5770 (8/10)


Hard copies of the Avid Media Composer (9 Available)


 • Avid Media Composer Software v6.0 with Software Lic for PC and Mac - End User

• Includes:

Media Composer 6

Edit SD, HD, and stereoscopic 3D material


Leader LV 7700 (2 available)


• supports 3G-SDI, HD dual link, HD-SDI, and SD-SDI signals. It has a variety of features, including simultaneous monitoring of two SDI input signals, frame capturing, lip sync measurement, and ANC data analysis.

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HP hp-XW8600 Work Station used pc for sale call for pricing and info

HP xw8600 Workstation AVID



• Intel Xeon CPU X5450 3.00GHz, 3.00GHz

• 3.25 GB of Ram

• Windows Xp Service pack 2

• AVID Media Composer

• NVDIA Quadro FX 3700

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Sony HVR 1500

• we have two units available. One with 2080 drum hours and the other with 2390. Both have been well maintained by the same owner.


HP hp-XW8600 Work Station used pc for sale call for pricing and info

Panasonic DVC Pro 1400


• DVCPro HD Recorder. Well maintained. Drum hours are 2194 and Tape is 1100.


Sony HVR M35U

• Multiple Format HDV / DVCAM / DV Portable Studio VTR

• HDV Native Progressive Format Support

• Built-In 2.7-inch, 16:9 LCD Panel w/ Audio & Video Monitoring

• Time-Code Out over BNC Connector

• 1080i / 720p Conversion; HD-SD Down-Convert Capability


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HP hp-XW8600 Work Station used pc for sale call for pricing and info

Sony DSR 1500

• The DSR-1500AP automatically detects DV, DVCAM and DVCPRO tape formats.

• The DV formats include not only DVCAM and DV but also the DVCPRO format. Three cassette sizes utilised for these formats. All these tapes can be played back in the DSR-1500AP without any special mechanical adapter.

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Sony UVW 1800


• High Speed Picture Search This feature provides a recognizable picture at various speeds over a range of up to five times normal speed in color, and up to 16 times normal speed in monochrome, both in forward and reverse.

• Full Editing Function When connected to RS-422A equipped editing controllers such as the PVE-500, the UVW1800 functions as an editing recorder for assemble or insert editing. Frame accurate editing is assured in both modes, thanks to the sophisticated servo control and built-i

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HP hp-XW8600 Work Station used pc for sale call for pricing and info

Sony SRW 5500


• HDCAM SR Recorder loaded with HKSR-5001/5002/5003 options. Well maintained deck with higher serial number (146XX) and GREAT hours. Original Drum is 2085 with Tape at 1610.

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60 TB V5 Unity


• Avid Unity MediaNetwork systems offer significant advantages over simple storage area networks (SANs). Avid Unity MediaNetwork solutions integrate seamlessly into your production process to deliver real-time, high-resolution media to creative workstations.

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used hard copy of avid media composer for sale

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